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Our Belief

Who we are is defined by our belief : our point of view on evolving businesses with a strong core… evolving strong branded businesses.

Businesses exist for growth and often they require help in unlocking it especially when the markets are complex. At the heart of all such problems & opportunities lies a core business insight, a market value driver around which spirals a specific growth construct. Uncovering the right insight & having the entire business strategy and model revolve around it is the beginning of sustained growth advantage. This advantage often leads to new ways of expanding business & portfolio.

Realising the advantage lies in design of precise programs at the front end on brand, innovation, customer engagement helped by a specific, enabling people & operations perspective.

To give customised advice on making this happen requires intense collaboration, shared accountability, personal involvement by a sound blend of global practitioner + consulting experience at the core with a network of best in class program experts.


Cosmos Strategy is a bunch of growth strategists who focus on using insight driven business strategy to help clients in business entry, turnaround or transformative growth. We focus on uncovering business insights & utilising them in a manner that helps clients do not just better marketing but better business & organisation design : an approach that goes beyond value chain & efficiency led business strategy discourse. This leads to specific actions or programs that the business needs to start doing.

Additionally, we have a network of downstream alliance partners [design, activation, communication, analytics, direct marketing, research, valuation, HR etc.] who can help design & execute these programs on our accountability. In a lot of cases, we help set up strong processes & initiate capability development programs to take the strategy forward. Our overall approach is collaborative & highly accountable [a significant proportion of our fees is often linked to client satisfaction]. The fact that we are client side practitioners with global multi category project experience dovetailed with strong consulting expertise helps give granular & feasible advice to clients.